7 Reasons Why Your Brand Needs Digital Marketing

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Right! So you’ve entered the magnificent unpredictable marketplace and are ready to embrace the calculated strategies, both unconventional and traditional. With a paradigm shift already in place, small and medium sized companies are all competing at a global level, all thanks to Digital Marketing. A fairly level playground, most brick and mortar businesses too are focussing more on exploring the avenues in the realm of Social Media Marketing. In order to be really competing with the big boys, start ups all over the world are starting off with a sizeable investment in Digital Marketing.

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Digital Marketing is paramount to your brand’s success and adaptability with the ever-changing marketplace:

1. Digital Marketing gets you Solid Conversions
The trend in this business parameter is that most online business marketing analyzers and products measure success by percentage rate of online users that get converted to either of the following: • Leads • Subscribers • Sales Multiple business owners are their brand’s digital marketing campaigns towards optimizing conversions...and why not? It seems to have a high success rate and businesses are flourishing in its penumbra. Skilled and experienced digital marketers are primarily focussing on conversion optimization, content marketing, social media and then brand, in that order. The highest yielding tools and techniques by far are Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing.

2. More Cost Effective than Traditional Advertising, by far
Smaller companies seldom have huge monetary investments or capitalization for that matter. Investing an initial amount into digital media and marketing is comparatively much lesser than traditional marketing. 40% claimed that considerable savings were achieved after switching to digital marketing methods with effective strategies. Here is a list of how effective each technique was when put against each other. In fact, 28% actually stated that they will shift their budgets from traditional advertising to digital marketing and will invest into the tools and techniques for online presence.

3. The Right Data and Analytics to Help Improve the Business
Getting on board with digital marketing provides data so useful; it directly helps in aiding the business and its growth. Information and analytics like; 70% of B-to-C marketers have acquired customers through Facebook or that 84% of CEOs and VPs say they use social media to help make purchasing decisions. So when pinning down the right market trends and observing what the people, who are interested in your product or services, actually want, its improvement and feedback handed to businesses on a silver platter. Using digital marketing bypasses the process of intro and retrospection and hands the business owner a sliver of information bit by bit to marginally adapt to the marketplace and competitors to follow. Real time analytics are the most helpful by informing the average entrepreneur of campaigns that are performing well and their effectiveness.

4. The Crosshairs on the Right Target
With great business up scaling come great targeting capabilities. Digital Marketing is the ‘Lord of the Pings’ with complete reach ability to audiences that couldn’t have known you exist without the internet. Marketing tools and techniques that have been launched in the form of products or services now provide methods to zero in on the right target audience. It also helps greatly in the targeting and re-targeting the correct consumers who have always been looking for your business but not in the right places. Social Media has a big role to play in the above with contagious campaigns and relatable branding for consumers to associate with.

5. Because everyone goes Mobile
Mobile phones have vitally evolved from being mere replacement gadgets for laptops and PCs to devices that greatly influence their purchasing decisions. More that 80% of the consumers have their devices within feet of accessibility and often browse through products and services they are in need of, both potentially and kinetically. The mobile consumer is a major part of the consumer base of multiple smaller to medium sized businesses. Missing out on this key demographic is one of the biggest mistakes companies can make. Accessibility is an important factor to your brand’s success and thus must be front and foremost when setting up a business model.

6. The Satisfying R.O.I
In comparison to the exorbitance and flamboyance of traditional methods, online marketing is much easier on the pocket. In the digital universe, contrasting of business methods and their survivability is measured in CPL or Cost per Lead. This basically tells you the amount of capital invested into one Lead generated by the marketing campaign, primarily digital. A small or medium business that implements a good digital marketing strategy will have a 3.3 times better chances of expanding their business of workforce. So all in all, the return on investment is miles higher than any other method that is in place. The internet is rocket fuel waiting to be guzzled by intelligent smaller players in the industry.

7. The Perfect Personalized Brand Image
Having a good online presence is obviously always a great thing, but it’s half the job done. If you do it right, Social Media can attract and make your audiences reverberate with your brand philosophies and products. This creates a well earned façade of trust and brand loyalty that is hard to earn in today’s unearthed competitiveness. Reputation and rapport of a brand can be solely achieved by amiable Social Media presence and if done perfectly well, can over take larger businesses through seamless implementation. 91% of brands are using more than one social media platform and therefore are just more aggressive in presence and are more in the public eye than ones that don’t. This helps greatly in bran recall and thus the consumers can never miss out on the grandeur.

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