9 Things to consider when selecting an advertising agency

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The very idea to start a business is a bold and investment heavy one. It requires perseverance and solid endeavor to see your brand rise to the top. Hiring a digital marketing agency often seems to be a protocoled decision that needs to be given enough weightage. Advertising or digital marketing agencies are said to be the pros at all forms of communication in both, innovative and creative routes. Partnering with an agency such as this gives new perspectives to the business model and opens doors to a plethora of ways to grow with presence online.
“The man who stops advertising to save money is like the man who stops the clock to save time.” -Thomas Jefferson

Here are a few pointers to look out for when selecting your partner to further your business in the right direction.

1. Creativity – Well, in all honesty, this is one of the primary reasons why a business owner would approach an ad agency in the first place. Check out their portfolio and concepts that have reaped results. You’d eventually want your brand to trend like their successful clients, right? Check out their website and see if it told a story. Have they handled their own brand well? Ask probing questions that are quintessential to the essence of your brand to see if they connect with your concept and can execute it with panache.
2. Online Presence – Creating a strong online presence for your brand is crucial and must be on the front burner the whole time. The people your brand is targeted towards must be subliminally, if not directly, reminded that your brand exists and is popularly trending amongst the others. The right digital marketing agency by principle should aggressively follow up on social media with well conceptualized campaigns to keep your brand in the loop. Conversion rate of a database accumulated should also be taken into account.
3. Clientele – Sure, a renowned agency will have some of the bigger kingpins in their client base but do not ignore the smaller ones. Some of the finest, most detailed pieces of work can be assessed by taking a look at the portfolio of all their clients. Compare results and briefs and take a call on how the agency fairs in understanding the mood of the brand right through to execution. Brighter concepts are equivalent to innovative and well thought out creativity.
4. Attitude – When purchasing clothes, technology or even other things that represent your style, you consider an attitude that goes with it. Synonymously, you should do just this when picking out the best partner to represent your hard work. Ask yourself; did their website content make sense or was it only full of jargon? When you contacted them, did they seem responsive and active towards a prospective client or were they unfriendly and snobbish? Keep in mind that an advertising agency is going to represent you and your work for a long time, so choose the one your ideas vibe best with.
5. Techniques – No top digital marketing agency is going to be 100% transparent with their methods and techniques of functioning, but they should be able to break the process down for you so well, you feel part of the creative process. Remember, quality not quantity is what matters when it comes to effective and efficient advertising. If an agency offers you link building in numbers without conceptualizing your brand positioning and identity, then they’re probably not the agency for you.
6. Price – After crunching those essential numbers, introspection is a must. Are the results going to be worth the investment or is it just a shot in the dark? Some agencies have different billing and invoice systems in place. Choose whatever suits your business best. Schemes like retainers or projects, whether annually or quarterly are all factors one must look into. Advertising is an expensive affair, but when it’s worth it, it changes your outlook forever.
7. Team – When you skip past the formalities and business details with the account managers and business development team of the agency, you meet the brains behind the creative side to your brand. Meet the real workers who conceptualize and ideate themes for your brand to climb on. Get personal and see if their frequency matches your train of thought. Meeting the visual designers and the copywriters working on your brand gives you that assured faith that you’ve put your brand in the right hands.
8. Expertise and specializations – Not all agencies are the jack of all trades. Some specialize only in strong digital campaigns, others do only ideas and offline advertising and some just market research and PR. Identify what your brand needs and what kind if people you want purchasing your services or products. Once you’re clear about that, have a frank conversation with the agency and see how they can help you with your set of problems. An agency specialized in solving your set is the one you should pick and instill your confidence in them.
9. SEO efficiency – Search Engine Optimization is one of the most important factors when choosing an ad agency. Their ranking on popular search engines such as Google only proves their efforts in climbing to the top of the page when searching for advertising solutions. Local searches lead 50% of your mobile visitors to stores within a day. So if your agency is one of the first few results when searching for the right keywords, you’re more than assured that they’d efficiently do the same for your brand. More than 88% of the consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. These stats are convincing enough to prove how essential it is for the agency to be competent enough with SEO for you.

All these factors contribute to selecting the right main man for your business. So ask yourself the right questions, so you can strategically probe the right agency into winning your brand and propelling it to the top of the chain. Good luck.

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