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A country’s defence economy is equated to its advertising budget. At least it used to be. However, with social media advertising gaining creamy brownie points with small to medium businesses, it seems to be the way to go, even for companies with the disposable equity to spend on traditional advertising techniques. Everywhere we pull up; it’s either Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. Advertising can be performed with results businesses hardly ever dream of achieving in comparison to the budget invested into social media advertising. The platforms are a plenty for those who are willing to unleash creative outputs onto these podiums.

Let’s take a look at how brands are able to use Social Media as leeway to systematically plan their strategies with demographic targeting, contextual targeting and device targeting.

Here are a few S.M Platforms imperative to your businesses’ online presence.

1. Twitter
The world went crazy over this social media networking website when it first came out. It’s as simple as it gets and marketers use this as a goldmine to publicize their businesses. They need a minimum amount to invest into the marketing strategy and the brand reached a multitude of people if they did it right. With a monthly figure of 215 million active users, Twitter boomed with a number of people helping brands promote their product or services to their followers. These influential users are rightly called influencers. Brands would approach the influencers to showcase their products to their large following of users and thus get a relatively large conversion rate. Basically Twitter is brilliant in helping brands target the consumer based on their interests. Users with similar interests would, more often than not, be following the same influencer. Hierarchically, the higher you go up the ladder of influencers, larger your targeted approach.

2. LinkedIn
Here comes the more business minded set of social media white collars. LinkedIn comprises of people who look to expand their network of similar professionals, so your ad will almost always be seen by business minded people, much like yourself. This fact itself justifies the high conversion rate if the ad is well placed and reaches the right folk. However, don’t expect a high click-through rate whilst advertising here. 1 in 500 would probably go to what your ad has to offer whereas on social media giant, Facebook, one gets an average of 1 every 200. Seems arguable, but with the user database that Facebook has racked up, it’s hard to compete with that conversion rate. A LinkedIn advertisement however is slightly more expensive to maintain but the quality of people, your advert reaches, is significantly better in terms of conversion.

3. Facebook
With a whopping 1.20 billion active users, Facebook has the highest number of active users as compared to other players in the industry. A wave of new generation brands are getting significantly engrossed and roped into the wonderful art of advertising on Facebook. The plus side is that it is cost effective as compared to LinkedIn as mentioned earlier. The simplicity and assistance that Facebook provides is astounding. The service provides 6 categories to filter to help better target the key demographic your business should be targeting. Categories such as location, gender, likes/interests, relationship status, workplace and education help guzzle away the effort taken to reach specific people who are more likely to convert. The system also assists in letting you know which one of the paid campaigns is performing well and gives you valuable feedback on the effectiveness of ads developed by you. The only significant drawback is that the analytics and metrics provided by Facebook are subversively miniscule as compared to other sites.

4. Instagram
Advertising these days is definitely moving towards a deeply-rooted visual commerce mechanism. Instagram holds massive opportunities for marketers through ads and shoppable tools that render brands unstoppable once on the right band wagon. Instagram has the most engaged audience out of all social sites. Not only do the ads get seen, they get remembered. So quite considerably, the ROI is decent when put up against other social media websites. Instagram’s research shows ad recall from Instagram sponsored ads is 2.8x higher on average than ad recall from other social networks. An independent research carried out on the platform’s ads found that consumers are 58x more likely to engage with branded content on Instagram compared to Facebook and 120x more likely compared to Twitter. So quite clearly, the content that is filtered for the average user is more convenient and is more likely to be engaged on a daily basis with your brand. Instagram is a tough competitor to Facebook and only falls short by just a bit.

In conclusion, if you’re looking to start a business with effective advertising options that don’t drain your investments that easy, start with an effective Digital Marketing Agency that can create powerful leads and ads that impact the target audience on the right social media platforms. Go ahead, don’t hesitate to advertise, because there’s better and economical ways to have your presence, not only felt but remembered in the market.

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