Choosing the right name for your business is one of the harder things to do in the initial stages. Sure, it’s going to be permanent and it’s almost like the corner stone to your foundation. If it isn’t placed right, then all other building blocks of your business will exponentially be tilted and not aligned to your tastes. Here are a few tips that can help you streamline the ethereal process of choosing your brand name: know more


2017 is going to be a big year with multitude of new websites cropping up from every corner of the world. Innovative, intrinsically captivating, confusing and alarmingly original designs…all kinds of websites are in the works, as you’re reading this! The market is getting aggressively competitive each day and unless you have a website that can represent your brand in the aura you envision, it’ll just get harder to give your competitors a run for their money. know more


As always, we’d mope about 2016 having deceived us with the ever constant pace of time. Ideas have come and gone without a notepad as an accessible utility we could exploit and work on for later. Now that 2017 is here, the ‘later’ is now and the past is your fuel. We’ve already been witness to companies based on great ideas that then did not constantly innovate and/or weren’t competitive enough to sustain their market leadership positions. Let’s face it, Blockbuster should have thought of the ideas behind Netflix and Redbox – and made them a reality – well before these two companies rose to become their competitors without the head start. So if you’ve got the proverbial notepad at hand now, let’s walk through a few ways to convert that one epiphany into an idea and then into a business that can be the spectacle you’ve imagined it to be. know more


Right! So you’ve entered the magnificent unpredictable marketplace and are ready to embrace the calculated strategies, both unconventional and traditional. With a paradigm shift already in place, small and medium sized companies are all competing at a global level, all thanks to Digital Marketing. A fairly level playground, most brick and mortar businesses too are focussing more on exploring the avenues in the realm of Social Media Marketing. In order to be really competing with the big boys, start ups all over the world are starting off with a sizeable investment in Digital Marketing. know more


The very idea to start a business is a bold and investment heavy one. It requires perseverance and solid endeavor to see your brand rise to the top. Hiring a digital marketing agency often seems to be a protocoled decision that needs to be given enough weightage. Advertising or digital marketing agencies are said to be the pros at all forms of communication in both, innovative and creative routes. Partnering with an agency such as this gives new perspectives to the business model and opens doors to a plethora of ways to grow with presence online. know more


A country’s defence economy is equated to its advertising budget. At least it used to be. However, with social media advertising gaining creamy brownie points with small to medium businesses, it seems to be the way to go, even for companies with the disposable equity to spend on traditional advertising techniques. Everywhere we pull up; it’s either Facebook, Twitter or even LinkedIn. Advertising can be performed with results businesses hardly ever dream of achieving in comparison to the budget invested into social media advertising. The platforms are a plenty for those who are willing to unleash creative outputs onto these podiums. know more

Why Social Media Marketing is important for every brand?

What comes to mind when someone mentions Social Media? Pictures, posts and videos of things that users like to share with their friends. That is pretty much it, except that now we can use it to promote, not only ourselves but absolutely anything we may be associated with! Be it a football club, a famous quotes website or even a brand that one likes to endorse. Some of the most popular platforms being Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram with the former accounting for 62% of social logins made by consumers to sign into the apps, pages and websites of publishers and brands. know more

Why Should We Do SEO For The Website?

Search Engine Optimization or SEO for short, is one of the biggest game changers in setting up a business to bridge the divide between consumers and your service or product. Competitors are a plenty in any business and the only penetration that one can have is through SEO. With the emergence of consumers coming online to research more about products that interest them, come search engine optimization companies. These agencies articulately and immaculately help in optimizing a website and their keywords, so a search engine can then help narrow down search results that direct a market to your website. There are plenty of SEO services that help in linking and keyword rich searches in India. know more

How to find your perfect Digital Marketing Agency Match?

Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency is as difficult as it is to look for your perfect match. It’s true! Will they take care of you, will they understand you, do they think long term or are they in it for a quick win? These are all question you ask yourself when you’re choosing your match and also ‘must - asks’ while deciding on a Digital Marketing Partner. know more

Why is branding so important for any business?

We’re hearing a lot about branding these days. This topic has been gaining fast momentum, and for good reason! A powerful brand is the result of a well-thought strategy prepared for the long-term goals of a company. Today, businesses like Microsoft, Google, Apple, Amul, Colgate, Dell, Tata Group, are synonymous with value for money, high quality, great service, and most importantly, credibility. know more

The Feminine Future of Advertising

When scrutinizing the ad game today, one sees the industry suffers a vast disparity in its gender representation. In what is practically and ideally a “genderless” area of specialty, one can observe that the current situation is a drastic inclination toward the male gender being represented in senior creative positions. know more


The World Wide Web has taken the corporate world by storm, so much so that your company website may be the make-or-break factor when people review your brand. And while there are numerous website design agencies in Pune & beyond, not many of them are aligned to the latest practices in the digital spectrum. know more

Pune: The new hub for Advertising in India

The continually melting cultural hot-pot of Pune is truly the perfectly coloured backdrop for the cultural canvas of its own that is advertising. So when analysing the key to successful advertising and its cultural aspects, it is accurate to say that creative thinking and a holistic approach to understanding a brand is high on the list of priority. know more


“All the internet’s a stage, and companies merely players.” If ‘as you like it’ was written in the modern era, this would be Shakespeare’s quote. There’s a reason why small and large businesses have to work hard to create that aura of a strong online presence. know more


The exponential rise of the digital market to a sustainable powerhouse in the marketing tool belt is one that cannot be ignored. With the ease of access of the internet from the comforts of your home, most potential customers prefer knowing and their products and services online. This is where a digital marketing service comes in. know more

Advertising for Small Business

How you can advertise your small business - Create an effective website, Print Communication, Outdoor advertising and Online advertising. know more

Role of an Advertising Agency

Advertising agencies work alongside clients to serve the major role of developing, enhancing the image of, and sustaining a brand in the market. The perception of a brand by the consumer is of vital importance in its acceptance and longevity. This places a huge responsibility on advertising agencies in building it, through consumer insight and understanding, in a way that grants it acceptance and growth. know more

What is an Advertising Agency

Step out into the market and you'll find yourself flooded with options for almost every available product or service. But what makes some of them stand out? And what helps you choose one brand over the other?
The answer doesn't lie in a simple word - marketing. It lies within a stream of creative functions and processes that leads back to the source - the Advertising Agency, the actual hero behind a brand and the innovative ideas that are generated therein. know more

What are Brand Guidelines

A set of guidelines that define and therefore ensure consistency of look, writing style, and tone, and the overall personality of your brand in a concise manner are known as Brand Guidelines, Brand Manual or a Style Book. know more

How to Brand a Company

This article on Brand Management speaks about what is a brand, How important is branding for a company, How a company brands itself, how does a company sustain a brand. know more

How to Brand a Product

“The brand people feel, is just as important as the product you make”. Branding your product is essential if you wish to build a steady, reliable business and outrun your competitors in a market flooded with similar products. know more

Is advertising a waste of Resources

In a competitive economy, companies seek to persuade consumers to buy their products or to avail their services. It is impractical to think that companies should only stock their warehouses and wait for consumers to come knocking on their doors. If this is what businesses did, there would be an economic waste in terms of products being produced but not being bought. know more

Brand Positioning Strategies

In today’s highly competitive business environment, companies operate in markets that are fragmented and flooded with offerings. Creating a significant differential advantage over a competitor is a task that even strong brands face. But how does one achieve such an advantage? Marketing managers and advertisers aspire to achieve such an advantage for their brand and do so by implementing a sound brand positioning strategy. know more

Real Estate Advertising: Why and How

Advertising plays a crucial role when it comes to real estate marketing. Being a high-investment and high-involvement category, real estate advertising aims to create trust, reputation and brand value. The whole process involves extensive research, systematic planning and a strategic approach towards finding the right techniques and communication which would appeal to the target audience. know more

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