The Feminine Future of Advertising

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When scrutinizing the ad game today, one sees the industry suffers a vast disparity in its gender representation. In what is practically and ideally a “genderless” area of specialty, one can observe that the current situation is a drastic inclination toward the male gender being represented in senior creative positions.

If we study it from a non-subjective perspective, the “genderless industry” is a hot-pot of creative, innovative minds where any and every life-story, is of value, providing insight into the greatly varied types of consumers that we speak to over a variety of levels. However, when we start to look at the messages we put out more subjectively, when we narrow it down to the specific requirement of our listeners, we can perhaps in fact decipher that women may just be the next big thing, and exactly what is needed for the future of marketing communication.

Examining the Millennial prototype. The what, why and how of the way we speak to the surge of young, restless, and increasingly affluent generation of hungry consumers. It’s when we really look at what we are hungry for - status, freedom, contentment, security – this is where we can plug in the naturally inherent qualities of the fairer sex to capitalise and profit from its innate potential.

This prototype has been nurtured in an environment where communicating, sometimes even over- communicating has always been considered the healthy, proactive approach to finding solutions, and where feedback and recognition are valued aggressively. So, where women are innately nurturing, they are able to communicate effectively, offering praise, as well as constructive criticism that is beneficial to the end result.

The generation is accustomed to the shortest-cut and the quickest-fix. They have grown up in a world where technology has always existed, and has faithfully and rapidly adapted and progressed to keep up with their every, ever-changing need. With a need to function smarter and more conveniently, the adaptive quality that women have learned to incorporate over decades of game- changing patterns and precedents of being a minority is helpful in meeting these needs.

The privilege of the work-life balance has never before been so rightfully warranted and the new generation of professionals is adamant in their rightful entitlement to it. While they work hard they also expect to play hard. As women have always been expert in the art of multi-tasking and juggling roles, they are able to understand and communicate understanding toward this new found right of consumers and the way they spend their time and money.

In a world where women account for a highly dominant portion of consumer spending statistics, the impact of the understanding and awareness that comes with that experience is severely neglected, with women representing less than 3% of creative directors in the entire industry.

While the gender is still under-represented we are able to observe a shift where more women are stepping into higher level positions. We see advertising agencies in Pune itself with more female representatives at the front of the agency. For an advertising agency in Pune (India’s advertising hub, Mumbai’s little sister) to adopt the progressive foresight of women in the forefront, is fruitful news for the future and diversification of the creative whirlwind of sales and mass communication.

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