How to find your perfect Digital Marketing Agency

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Looking for a Digital Marketing Agency is as difficult as it is to look for your perfect match. It’s true! Will they take care of you, will they understand you, do they think long term or are they in it for a quick win? These are all question you ask yourself when you’re choosing your match and also ‘must - asks’ while deciding on a Digital Marketing Partner.

1.   Background Check .

Many Digital Marketing agencies will enamor you with their SEO rankings for their clients, cool social media campaigns and competitive retainer fees, but, you need to do a background check on these agencies before you showcase interest and move discussions to the next level. They have ready access to your data and there have been instances where, companies that specialize in digital marketing services for a certain industry have had their own website for obtaining leads. Be careful. Very Careful.

2.   Compatibility Score

They can boast all they want about a robust social media team, technically sound SEO experts, creative designers but the best way to judge if they truly have your best interests, is to ask them of a few trending topics online. 2-3 days before your meeting, ensure you go through your social networking profiles and look for trending topic, smartly weave them into your conversation with the agency. Their responses will help you score them on how passionately they surf the medium. This cannot be the only factor to help decide a Digital Marketing Agency, but it helps in making the decision.

3.   Profile Scan

If you want to rule the internet and are looking for a digital branding partner to support the vision, then you must first scan their own profile. How does a Digital Marketing agency service others when they can’t do the same for themselves? The simplest is a google search, if they don’t feature in the top 10 organic searches then they need help themselves. Visiting their website will also support your decision to finalize a digital marketing service. If you like what you see (minus any bugs) then you’ve hit home. Also a check on the google rankings of their brands along with social media presence and case studies on their website will help you make your mind up about your digital services.

4.   Skillset Test

Most Digital marketing services begin business with a bunch of coders, programmers and developers. Those are not the only skills one needs to start an agency. You need designers, really good ones. You would need social media news junkies, extremely curious ones. You would need content writers, super articulate ones. And without these extra skillsets, you’ll be doing all the work but paying your agency just to showcase the work on the web. Ensure you test out their services via checks on previous websites they have worked on, probably a test pitch for lesser money before investing in a long term relationship will help.

5.   Qualification

When you’re looking for the perfect match, you do take into consideration how well they are doing, but we also look at their Qualification. Similarly, it always helps if your Digital Marketing Agency is Google Certified. Picking the right agency for your digital portfolio is a big decision and your brand reputation is built on this foundation. The Circus Works takes the job of their Digital services very seriously and ensures you get the right positioning for your brand on the World Wide Web.

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