Real Estate Advertising: Why and How

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Advertising plays a crucial role when it comes to real estate marketing. Being a high-investment and high-involvement category, real estate advertising aims to create trust, reputation and brand value. The whole process involves extensive research, systematic planning and a strategic approach towards finding the right techniques and communication which would appeal to the target audience. This is achieved though a series of tried and tested advertising which involves the following.

Brand creation

The primary role of advertising is to create an identity for any given business. With a set of methods, ideas and innovative thinking, advertising creates a brand. This involves understanding the nature of business and creating a unique space for it. In real estate advertising, the brand should create an aura of trust, dependability and uniqueness. These are the qualities most people are looking for in a real estate developer. Apart from these mentioned qualities, advertising also creates an extra dimension for the brand based on its uniqueness.

Brand marketing

The creation of the brand is just the first step in advertising. Real advertising starts with the marketing of the brand. The agency has all the tips and trick up its sleeves to get your brand running in the market. Different set of rules, functions and methods are used for marketing and most of this will depend on the target group. The methods adopted for a product will be different from real estate. While the former thrives on offers and discounts, the latter needs to evoke more personal and promising feelings which will get the customers interested.

Brand recall

Advertising is an on- going process. It starts with the brand creation, thrives with the marketing and profits from brand recall. No matter how good a product is, unless and until it doesn’t create a stir in the market and causes people to actually look up and take notice, it’s a failure. One of the many aims of advertising is to create brand recall so that the customer is aware of a brand and what it has on offer. When it comes to real estate, people prefer to invest in a popular and trusted name. If it’s a new brand, the advertising should be more aggressive to create familiarity in a short span of time.

Brand Identity

Most of the popular brands stick to their brand ideals but arealso constantly innovating to capture the customer’s imagination. For example, brand colours mostly never change. These are some very simple but effective techniques adopted by an agency to promote brands and create an identity for them.With new builders springing up like mushrooms after rains, it is very crucial to create a unique identity and stand out from the rest. This is where advertising takes a giant leap from being a want to a need.

The marketing tools

As mentioned, advertising involves a lot of tools and techniques for getting the desired results. The traditional media marketing tools include press, outdoor, POP’s and POSMs with or without promotional activities like offers, discounts, coupons, direct mailers etc. With the advent of internet, marketing tools have been renewed with the internet user in mind. Websites, blogs, e-mailers, forums and social networking sites have become the best marketing tools in the recent decade.

The mentioned points are but the tip of the iceberg and each in itself is a comprehensive process. Brands are built and sustained by the right kind of advertising which is integral to any business irrespective of its size and scale.

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