Role of an Advertising Agency

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Advertising agencies work alongside clients to serve the major role of developing, enhancing the image of, and sustaining a brand in the market. The perception of a brand by the consumer is of vital importance in its acceptance and longevity. This places a huge responsibility on advertising agencies in building it, through consumer insight and understanding, in a way that grants it acceptance and growth.

The transformation of a product or service into a brand is a gradual one, and an advertising agency plays an important role in leading this transformation. This is done through communicating the brand's own personality and making the consumer aware of what the brand has to offer, along with its benefits. If the advertising campaign is strong and successful, then the consumer builds a relationship with the brand over time through the value he derives from it.

The market is flooded with various products and services, most of which closely resemble one another, in one way or the other. Advertising agencies focus their talents on their client's product or service, making it stand out from among the rest, thereby causing it to emerge successfully as a brand. Good ad campaigns will grab eyeballs and persuade consumers to choose the brand they are promoting, over others. It all begins with the building of a relationship between the advertising agency and its client, and the systematic process of identifying and understanding the client's goals and motivations. This sets the tone for planning and identifying the path towards achieving that goal through a meaningful and well-executed ad campaign.

An advertising agency will put its energies into not just building a brand, but creating a demand for that particular product or service in a compelling manner through creative strategy and marketing.

Perhaps the most widely recognized and prominent role of advertising agencies is in designing advertisements. These include fresh ideas that have life breathed into them through print, films and events; ideas that when put forth in creative ways, make a positive impact on consumers. An advertisement is, however, just the tip of the iceberg, and what lies beneath the surface includes a tremendous amount of work in studying market trends, researching and recognizing consumer behavior, understanding the client's goals and working various media for the effective promotion of the brand.

Sir Hector Laing, the Group Chief Executive of Britain's United Biscuits says, "Buildings age and become dilapidated. Machines wear out. People die. But what lives on are the brands." It is this fundamental truth that makes the role of an advertising agency so important, because it is through the agency's sustained efforts and creativity that a brand can not only emerge successfully, but also live on.

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