What is an Advertising Agency

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Step out into the market and you'll find yourself flooded with options for almost every available product or service. But what makes some of them stand out? And what helps you choose one brand over the other?

The answer doesn't lie in a simple word - marketing. It lies within a stream of creative functions and processes that leads back to the source - the Advertising Agency, the actual hero behind a brand and the innovative ideas that are generated therein.

An advertising agency is a business unit rendering specialized services in the particular area of advertising, and to marketing in general. In the building of a brand or the marketing of a product or service, its role is to - Understand the product and the client's goals Research market trends and consumer patterns Based on these evaluations, formulate an ad campaign or advertisement Plan for the media to be used in promoting the product Derive consumer and client feedback to discuss further line of action.

Although advertising is a function that may be performed in-house by some companies, it is always advantageous to approach an advertising agency in the light of its many advantages. These include - In-depth experience with brands and market trends Provision of objective viewpoints and solutions on the advertising and marketing problems faced by the company Saving cost in the long run Work done by experts in the field Professionalism.

Advertising agencies vary in size, depending on the extent to which they may function in the marketing process. Some are full-service agencies, which are large enough to support the complete advertising process for their clients right from advertising, to provision of marketing services. Creative boutiques on the other hand, focus solely on the creation of advertisements. In-house agencies may be a department within the company, run by the Advertising Director. There are other specialized agencies, that are usually small-sized and requiring niche knowledge, that cater to very specific requirements from the client. And then there are media buying agencies that specialize in buying time on the television and radio and reselling them to other advertising agencies.

Eventually, no one promotes a service or product better than a dedicated group of creative minds in an advertising agency that systematically work towards taking it from what it is, to elevating it to a brand that occupies prominence in the minds of consumers for a long time to come.

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